The Outsourced Case Study

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The Outsourced Work Case Study The case study was very interesting it was based on ethics of the contract agreement entered into by RMC and 17 project labor agreement. The purpose of this case was to see where liabilities fell when certain parties were not abiding by the original agreement that was entered into by RMC and 17 local building trade unions. In the case such questions surrounding these liability factors. After reading the case study Is BE (Bolton Engineering) bound by the terms of the project labor agreement, which it did not directly sign, including the duty to submit this labor dispute final and binding arbitration for resolution? BE is bound by the terms of project labor agreement only when they are working onsite …show more content…

It is the job of the union to protect these workers and ensure that they do not overlook the licensed and union workers for cheap labor that is nonunion and most likely not licensed. Work preservation clauses are not only legitimate but are generally legal. As it is the union’s job to protect their members job so they do so by entering into an agreement bringing work back to a

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