The Overlooked Area Of Poverty Essay

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The overlooked area
Looking at the MDGs as the whole, poverty reduction was the central theme in the development agenda; it was aimed to cut in half proportion of the population living below $1 a day from around 30 percent of the developing countries by 2015 (United Nations, 2005). Even though these targets have been almost achieved; it was predicted that there are about 825 million of citizen still live in extreme poverty and 800 million still suffer from inadequate hunger (FAO, 2015). Thus, fighting against poverty and hunger remains the enormous challenge. Then, an inevitable question arises as to whether the persistence of poverty was well-defined. FAO (2015) also have noticed that extreme poverty mainly occurs in rural areas where the majority of poor people depend on agriculture. The condition of relying on agriculture means that primary source of food and income for those poor people come from agriculture that they have made. Unfortunately, agriculture was not prioritized at the goal and target levels. Agriculture was mentioned at the indicator level under target three of goal eight (Develop a Global Partnership for Development). It was set to measure market access, which was seen as a huge gap that agriculture was overlooked in the MDGs.
The relevance of agriculture to other goals
Relooking at the connection between agriculture and each of the goal is considered as a reflective process for better implications in the next goal development. For goal 1, Eradicate

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