The Overseas Expansion Strategies Of Walmart

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EXAMINE THE OVERSEAS EXPANSION STRATEGIES OF WALMART Contents Introduction 3 Topic of Research 3 Background of the research (Walmart) 3 Research objectives 3 Research Questions 4 Rationale of the research 4 Literature Review 5 Conceptual Framework 5 Overseas market entry models – 6 Overseas Expansion strategies – 8 Research Methodology 11 The Philosophical Approach 11 The Methods 12 Methods of Sampling 12 Data Collection Methods and Data Analysis Methods 13 Ethical considerations 13 Issues concerning Reliability and Validity 14 Time Plan 14 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introduction Topic of Research In this particular study, the researcher endeavours to identify as well as evaluate the overseas expansion strategies that Walmart already has. Moreover, the researcher also attempts to find out whether these overseas expansion strategies prove effective for Wal-Mart in context to global retail business scenario. Background of the research (Walmart) In order to conduct business at the global level and achieve a competitive position in the market, most of the retail organisations tend to undertake different overseas expansion strategies to open up their businesses abroad. However as Xi (2002) points out, it is due to globalization it is important to undertake the most appropriate penetration and expansion strategies, failing to do which, an organisation can face losses in context to time and finances. Walmart Stores Inc. stands out as the
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