The Oversexualizing Of Women In Japanese Anime And Manga

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The Oversexualizing of
Women in Japanese Anime and Manga The Japanese are a very creative culture which have produced several fantastic science fiction movies such as Gojira, which was an allegory for the use of atomic bombs in war to the animated cartoons, known as anime in America, like Space Battleship Yamato which portrayed the story of all the nations of the planet Earth joining forces to defeat an alien invasion. Yamato and other anime like Mach-A-Go-Go had female characters in the shows that were both allies and sometimes love interest to the main characters, but still were depicted as strong female role models and were drawn with normal features and body types. However, as time has passed, women in anime have been more and more sexualized and this has had an effect on how young people look at Japanese culture and women in particular. In this paper, the effects of this practice will be observed. With the anime boom of the last few years, the way women have been portrayed in these animated cartoons has been more and more sexualized. Shows such as Fairy Tale depict the female leads as scantily clad fighters with rather large breast. Even the youngest girl on the show that is around the age of 11 to 12 is depicted with larger than normal breast. One of the main reasons for this is the rather strong patriarchal view of women in Japan that is still there to this day. The article titled A Look at Japanese Feminism and Japanese Misogyny from the website Japan Powered

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