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1) at 11 years old, George had sported a set of crooked teeth and his mother took him to a university of medicine and dentistry to receive braces in hopes if improving his smile .

2) George and his mother move to Newark from South Carolina

3) shahid rj's dad, Shahid Jackson, acted as a father to George. They fished and worked out together.

4) a stable home environment helps George resist pressures to participate in negative activities

5)George's first job was a groundskeeper at the complex in high park gardens.

6) George's third grade school teacher, viola Johnson, was his inspiration

7)As a child, Sam was curious and was always willing to learn. However, he discovers his mother's secret was that she could not read.

8) from South
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37) Carla Dickson was a specialist for the premedical/predental plus program

38) George's philosophy on peer pressure is if you find the right guys to hang with- guys you trust- who share your values and your friendship, you'll find that you can stand up to almost anything

39) Rameck was felt excited about the summer program he George and sam were going to.

40)Carla becomes mad with George Rameck and Sam because they wanted to depict the program as a jail.

41) Jawanza kunjufu's theory about education and black young men is that Smart energetic and hopeful black boys_systems so in adequately prepared to educate them that the boys begin to lose interest as early as fourth grade and are often lost to the streets by high school.

42)Carla made Sam Make an appointment to talk to the professor to try to understand why he had received The lower Mark and to make his case for himself

43)Carla supported sam by listening to him, motivating him, and reminding him of what he's set out to become.

44) Sam felt guilty because no one in his family has ever been given such an opportunity . He feels he could be helping out at home

45) cArla arranged for Sam Rameck and George to live and work on campus for the summer.

46) Rameck tried to get the crowd to disperse from around him and micheal. But the white guy wouldn't leave. Rameck's anger sparked and he slammed the white guy on the ground. he

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