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For the weeks leading up until it I thought I felt all the pain I could handle, but I was completely wrong. Nothing compared to the bone crippling pain I felt when I heard these words coming out of my dad 's mouth, “Your mother and I are splitting up.” I can still see him sitting on my couch, waiting for me to come out of the bathroom. It was Thanksgiving day and my dad hadn 't shown up to dinner at my aunts. I knew something was wrong. I had known since a couple weeks before because my dad was very distant which is unlike him. My mom said he wasn 't feeling well, that we would go see him after dinner and there was nothing to worry about. After dinner we headed home and I begged my mom to tell me what was going on. She kept a straight …show more content…

There was a lot of “I love yous” and “You are the most important person in my life 's,” but the only thing that has stuck with me like glue since that day was the most painful, yet simple, sentence I have ever heard, “Your mother and I are splitting up.” I can still hear it in my head and the look on my dad’s face as he said it. He knew those words were going to break my heart into a million pieces, and that it was a lot more than he should have been putting his eleven year old daughter through. I didn 't say one word after he told me. I just sat there staring blankly at the floor, no idea what to even say. It 's strange to think about, how I had the gut feeling this was going to happen for weeks before, but it still hit me like a train. After that day, my dad had moved into our finished basement until he could find an apartment in town that was available for rent. I didn 't talk to him for about a week after Thanksgiving. I could barely even look at him. Whenever I tried, all I could do was cry and cry. I swear if I collected my tears I could have filled up an entire pool. When I finally got the courage to talk to him about it, I felt even more pain than I had before. He told me that he had found someone else, that my mom just didn 't make him happy anymore, and that the only thing holding them together was me. I remember thinking that I didn 't care who it was because I hated this new woman already. Two weeks after I found out that

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