The Particularities of Being a Teenager

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The teenage years are a very stressful time. Teenagers go through many confusing stages and feel emotions that they have never felt before. They change in ways they never thought they would. In some cases best friends become distant memories, loving homes become hateful prisons and minor situations become violent ordeals. As someone who is still going through the teenage years I can relate to all these behaviors. Being a teenager is not easy. Teenagers feel pressure to look and act in ways that they are not. Being a teenager also means over-reacting about the littlest situations and thinking that no one understands them. The life of a teenager is more complicated than it seems but there are several causes that make teenagers act the way they do. Teenagers are very self-conscious about their body and the way they look. They have to look good all time, especially if they are a girl. Weather they are going to a party or on a midnight trip to Walmart they have to look presentable. I am guilty of this teenage trait, I even straighten my hair before I go to pool parties, even though it is just going to get wet and curl back to normal. But, it is not always easy for a teenager think they look good when they hate the way they look. They hate their hair because it’s too curly or straight. They think that they have nothing to wear when they have a closet full of clothes. And even teenagers who are a size two think that they are fat

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