The Path Of Prosperity, By James Allen

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Desires, passions, lust for a goal. These things can be good or bad; depending upon what one is doing. If one lusts after the goal of stealing a sweater or has a passion for having intercourse with a person who has already betrothed, that is wrong. If the desire is to help a community by volunteering or having a passion for giving to the poor, that it is right.Money should not make one weary of making an important decision. The decision between right and wrong can sometimes be a tough one. For instance, a police officer catches a man stealing food from a grocery store he chases the man to his dilapidated house and in the house he see’s three hungry children. The officer must decide to follow the law or to let the man go so that the children can be fed. One should always do the right thing, financial support should not be …show more content…

If you live a good life, whether or not you have money you will get to Heaven. Also, if you do the right thing, typically you will be rewarded with karma. The universe has a way of keeping itself in balance and no good deed goes unnoticed. As James Allen once wrote in the book The Path of Prosperity, “If your real desire is to do good, there is no need to wait for money before you do it.”
It has been said by many that patience is a virtue, which certainly can be true in some situations. For example, one should not get married to someone he barely knows. But in the situation that a starving homeless man asks for money so he can eat that week, one should give the man some assistance. If the person giving him money said no, because of his own financial state, the man could go without food for an extended period of time. He does not necessarily know what can happen in the future but, he needs to trust in god that he will help him out of a tough situation

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