The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

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The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, by definition, is “a social contract of health care solidarity through private ownership, markets, choice, and individual responsibility. While some might regard this contract as the unnatural union of opposites—solidarity on the one hand and markets, choice, and individual responsibility on the other,” (Baker 1579). The primary conflict that exists with PPACA is a segmented population of American businesses will have to increase spending to provide the health insurance, a program that could and has caused an increase of 12 percent in health insurance premiums. The reason for the struggle of US Health Reform is increase in taxes, government forcing business to increase spending, and increases in the rates of premiums. According to the Wiley Library, “The Office of the Actuary of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects that that law will increase total health-care spending by $311 billion over 10 years due to greater utilization of health-care services (Office of the Actuary, 2010). Projected Medicare spending cuts and new Medicare taxes will largely be used to fund coverage expansion, as opposed to reducing the federal health-care deficit. The cost of health care and insurance will likely remain problematic in the United States for the foreseeable future,”(Wiley).
With an exceptional number of independent variables, which exist for the PPACA, will make it impossible to accurately create projections of the future
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