Art Management Essay

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Arts, the essential and necessary part of human daily life, can bring human satisfaction, happiness and give them a creative and colorful life as well. Music, operas, and plays go deeply into our human’s life, but nobody notices that the art industry has a shortfall and received limited helps from government right now. In the perception of an art management student’s eyes, the art have a shortage in human resources, which will strongly affect human’s life transparently. This issue can break down into five pieces. Lacking of human resources means there will be a low college enrollment rate in art area, no great marketing director in art organization, low employee rate and low wages, low art manager to manage organization’s program, and the community will have a low evaluation of art. First of all, art majors’ students have less financial grant helps, which means that the government provides less educational funds to the art students. As we all know, business is the most popular college majors and students can received many government’s helps. The only financial help that the government provided to the art major students is some kinds of financial aid. There are no federal grants that directly provide to the art majors’ students and the only sector can provide grant is the private sector. Private sectors have many limitations and requests for the students who apply to their grants. The opportunities will be highly competitive and hardly to find. (College Scholarship). Few

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