The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

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This book is arranged into ten different chapters, each containing the main idea in each chapter. In the beginning of the book the author gives a foreword which briefly gives a vision of The Perfect Storm. The author Sebastian Junger wants his book to be completely factual, no dialogue is made up. The direct quotes are recorded from an interview. At the end of the foreword Sebastian states that he used the title The Perfect Storm in a climatic sense, he meant no scorn or insult to those who had their family members pass away. 1. The first chapter is the beginning of the book and gives a little background information of the crew. First in 1895 a crew and its ship, mackerel schooner find a bottle with a note in it. They find the bottle off the coast of Massachusetts from a crew member of a ship called Falcon which had sunk. In the note the crew member had wrote “Our cable is Gone.. Our rudder is gone… God have mercy”. If the rudder and cable were gone this means that the ship was tipping on its side. These were the last words of the twenty men aboard the Falcon. In the first chapter being in all italics I believe that the author wanted to show a dream or a certain memory. The author brings up questions on how a crew acts on a sinking ship or if they cry while sinking, which will be answered throughout the book. 2. In the second chapter the author gives more background details. The author tells the time, city and the weather. Its a rainy day in Gloucester, Massachusetts
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