The Perfect Woman in Our Society

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Society and people on a whole demonstrates what a perfect woman should be like. The picture of a perfect woman in our society is demonstrated in advertisements, on different magazine covers, and for just about anything that a woman is featured in. Now my question is why the pressure is so heavily placed on females to be so perfect? Women are pressured in many aspects of their lives, like how they look, their emotions, and their role as a woman.
Women in society have a certain appearance to look up to. They don’t just have to be beautiful but rather amazingly beautiful. Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler state in their book “bitchfest” that “Vogue long ago perfected the process of erasing overweight folks from existence – even the all-powerful
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Women are supposed to show their feelings and emotions on a regular basis. So therefore in every little way women try to express what they feel. They do this by talk about others, try to down grade others, cry, show different emotions, and express what’s on their mind.
We all have tragic incidents that may occur in our family that makes women emotions go high. In the case of a death a woman is obligated to express their emotions. Woman should cry and make a big deal about who ever they’re morning and as the funeral comes around, the woman should be the source of sympathy and softness that everyone runs to. If women do not express their feels they have disappointed there families and what society say they should be. They also allow people to talk about them in the most demeaning way. Others will judge them that they don’t care about what happen and that they do not have a heart. By others say this stuff, it hurts the woman feelings and then the woman is now convinced that she is a bad support and that everyone hates her. This woman is pressured to meet the need of everyone around her and this makes emotions go high. Because of what society says a woman should be it forces a woman to meet these qualifications.
As we go women there whole show is to suit the opposite sex. They do certain stuff and make sure stuff is mostly perfect. In these cases more emotions take over the females and they sometimes
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