The Performance Of The Automobile Industry From The Year 2003

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The research will explore on the performance of the automobile industry from the year 2003 to present. This will be especially on how the industry behaved during the 2008 recession in United States, how it fare with evidence of the annual gross output. The paper will look also to establish where does the automobile industry in terms of nature of the market with enough justification. Major competitors in the industry will also be discussed. Issues surrounding the industry will be analyzed, concerns and the threats facing the industry in general. Lastly, the paper will cover the predicted future of the industry, which will be personal opinion Introduction An automobile industry is all about production, selling either by wholesale or retail and maintaining of motor. Automotive industry can also be associated with assembling motor vehicles as well as selling of vehicle spare parts together with repair of motor vehicles. They can be classified generally into trucks and vehicles. It is one of the fast growing industries due to the increased use of motor vehicles across the world. Some of the countries dominating the industry include United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Germany and other countries in Europe. In the United States, the industry had dominated the world and became an oligopoly with General Motors, Chrysler and Ford as the leading companies. The other companies in other countries like Japan had been pushed of the market with the three companies enjoying the world
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