Swot Analysis For Tesla Motors

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Today automobile industry is recognized at global level. For every automobile company it is important to enter into foreign market because of increase in competition if companies will not expand their market they can face a huge loss and every company wants to grow and wants to be recognized all over the world. For example if manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota or Volkswagen expanded their market for growth if such manufacturers had still been dealing in their own country they wouldn’t have been able to generate good profit. And competing globally also helps company to learn new technologies and ideas. Therefore it is important for such automobile companies to grow globally for long term success and competitive advantage.
The market demand of automobile industry is fragmented because there are different segments in automobile industry such as commercial, passenger, trucks and buses. Mostly trucks are used for transportation of goods while buses in many countries is one of public mode for transportation so from this we can see that overall market demand of automobile industry is fragmented. Even rich people buy luxury cars while middle class people buy cars as per their budget while people who like speed there are sports car even for them so in this way market demand of automobile industry is fragmented. Buyers have high
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Overall Superchargers expanded fivefold in 2014 and are paced to double in 2015.
Capacity to manufacture environmental friendly autos: Tesla has unadulterated and complete points of interest over different automobile companies in assembling ecological friendly cars.
Tesla introduced an entirely new business, Tesla Energy, after piloting energy storage solutions for a few hundred SolarCity customers.
Existing strong investors and partners: Tesla acquired strong investor’s partners in recent years such as Google, Daimler, Panasonic, and Toyota

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