The Period Of The Old Kingdom

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The Old Kingdom reigned from the Third Dynasty to the Sixth Dynasty. This a pretty long time between the third and six dynasty. However, the government of the Old Kingdom was centralized. Many kings that ruled at that time was credited with supernatural powers. Many kings came and ruled but gradually the royal authority started to show signs of weakness. This is when the Upper Egypt’ office of overseer was created and they were established in Nubia so they could used the contact, immigration, and resources. Egypt began to produce because of the Nile River, it allowed farmers to grow wheat and barley, building projects like the pyramids and temples that led to expansion of the Egyptian economy. Much of the wealth went to building pyramids that often held their former gods or depicted a picture of the kings that ruled in the Old Kingdom. However, the Old Kingdom ultimately suffered because of the drying climate in the Near East, strained economy due to the pyramid-building, and also they needed to cope with the effects of the lower inundations of the Nile such as famine.
Family and women were important in the Egyptian culture. Marriage in the Old Kingdom was not like marriages today. Marriage started by a partner just sleeping over their spouse’s house. Once they owned their own establishment, they were technically called married. Ultimately, family became a vital part of the Egyptian culture.
I went to the Brooklyn Museum and I truly admired two sculptures that depicted

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