The Persian And Roman Empire

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One of my favorites things about history is its empires. The whole idea of gathering together countries to create a dominating superiority fascinates me. You have your most recognized like the Persian and Roman Empire. Also, you have the Mongols, the British, The Caliphate, and the Qing Dynasty. All were great empires. So it’s fair to say I am a little shocked to not have known about the empires of Africa. The Northwest region of Africa having the Moorish empire. I realized this was the same group who fought with Portugal and Castile kingdoms for southern Europe. In the South African region, you had the Zulu Empire. Being from New Orleans, I knew of the Zulu, but not of them conquering one- fifth of the entire continent of Africa. That scale of control is quite large to go unnoticed. Then you have West Africa having seven empires rising up in one region. . Takur (ca.800-1285 A.D.), Ghana (700-1200 A.D.), Mali (1237-1450 A.D.), Songhai (1460-1591 A.D.), and Kanem-Bornu (1348-1890). The Asante Empire (ca.1670-1900 A.D.), Yoruba Kingdoms (ca.1100-1830), Benin (ca. 1440-1900) and Mossi (1200-1900 A.D.). Even though not at the same time, the fact that it was able to unify its people so quickly is remarkable. Being able to read about so many achievements is astonishing. And it’s not just one area of Africa, but all over. Now when some say I come from a line of African royalty, they might actually be right. Because it doesn’t matter from which part you claim there is

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