The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Under Enormous Pressure By External And Internal Stakeholders

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The pharmaceutical industry has been getting involved with corruption lately. The industry is getting involved with corruption because of how easy it is to make money. The industry around the country is very corrupted right now as we speak. “The pharmaceutical industry is under immense pressure by external and internal stakeholders” (Valverde,2013). Most companies around the country are getting sued and having to go to court. They are getting sued because of the unsatisfied customers. Many of them are losing so much money that they cannot even afford a lawyer. The lose of money for the companies is doing nothing but tremendously hurting them. “Lawyers, medical journals, physicians, politicians, and the media use product liabilities and …show more content…

With all the knowledge this country contains, corruption for them comes very easy because they cannot get in trouble. They are much more technologically advanced then customers which makes it easy to be corrupt for them. It is noticeable that the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for almost 20% of corporate crimes. Institutional corruption, which is a “certain kind of influence, within an economy of influence, that has a certain effect”. The medicines for this industry are mainly purchased in a market by very powerful and sophisticated buyers.
Some doctors around the country want to expose the corruption of pharmaceutical industries that have been spreading like a tumor. Doctors want to expose them because they get bad deals when it comes down to it. Corruption in the industry has became so fertile that is has been blemishing medical science. Bad results from pharmaceutical companies recently have been submitted as good. Whenever a study has research about doubt on a drug, the negative findings are being transformed into positive findings. Some trials with medicine in the industry do not even end up getting published into the system. “Corruption constitutes a major problem in public sphere and various areas of business” (Polak, 2010). Pharmaceutical corruption is wide spread and a very difficult problem to manage. Managing it has become an issue because its spreading rapidly so it

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