The Philosopher Who Was An Ancient Greek Philosopher Essay

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Today I chose to talk about the philosopher Plato who was an Ancient Greek philosopher who founded the Academy and is also one of the authors of philosophical works of a lot of influential works in Western civilization. Plato was born around the times of Circa in 428 B.C.E. and because of the lack of many sources from his time period, unfortunately, much of Plato’s work in his life has been reconstructed by scholars throughout his writings which were discovered and analyzed by very intelligent historians. Both of his biological parents came from the Greek aristocracy. His father named Ariston was a descendent from the kings of Athens and Messenia. On the other hand, was his mother named Perictione, who is said to be related to the 6th century B.C.E. the Greek statesman solon. Even though some scholars tend to believe that Plato was named by his grandfather whose name was Aristotle’s who essentially helped Plato with his traditional name. Plato was also claimed to be the oldest son in his family. Many historians say also that Plato was his nickname and that it referred to be because of his broad physical physique. Although, there is not much evidence of that they say that because of these young boys gave him the name Plato before Aristotle’s was even born. Plato was also assumed to be taught by some of the Athens’s most intelligent educators around that time. As well, the curriculum would have been from the doctrines of Cratylus and Pythagoras as well as Pamenides. This
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