The Philosophers ' Philosophy On The Truth About The Reality Of The World Without Using Religion

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Philosophy is the investigation of truths and principle of being, knowledge or conduct. Many philosophers from the past have much knowledge that is superior to our own. Philosophers use their knowledge to figure out the truth about the reality of the world without using religion. Logic was used in the philosophers work many times. Logic means arriving of truth by eliminating the errors. The three philosophers I choose that used knowledge many times would be Plato, Berkeley, and Descartes. The first philosopher who uses knowledge is Plato. The knowledge Plato uses is Rationalist Epistemology which means the study of nature, source, limits, and validity of knowledge. “It is especially interested in developing criteria for evaluating claims people make that they "know" something. In particular, it considers questions such as: What is knowledge? What is the difference between knowledge and opinion or belief? If you know something, does that mean that you are certain about it? Is knowledge really possible?” What this means is that People use these questions to understand the meaning of knowledge and to figure out the truth about it. “A rationalist epistemology claims that knowledge (as opposed to opinion) is possible only if it is based on self-evident and absolutely certain principles. Such principles are not learned through experience; instead, they are implicit in the very notion of reasoning (in Latin: ratio) itself. Sense experience cannot provide the certainty needed

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