Essay on The Philosophies of Georg Hegel and Herbert Spencer

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The Philosophies of Georg Hegel and Herbert Spencer
The Philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1801)
Georg Wilhelm Hegel aspired to find a philosophy that would embody all human experiences with the integration of not only science, but also religion, history, art, politics and beyond. Hegel’s metaphysical theory of absolute idealism claimed that reality was the absolute truth of all logic, spirit, and rational ideas encompassing all human experience and knowledge.
He believed that in the history of philosophy, many sought to compete with each other’s thoughts in order to find the one true and universal philosophy. But he also argued that each philosopher’s views were integral to the development
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Hegel believed that individualism would lead to alienation and would eventually lead to the death of unity and a conformed society.
Hegel’s political views rejected the ideas of individualism and placed the Nation-State at the absolute and supreme authority. He believed that a person’s primary duty was to serve the Nation-State by participating in its culture, politics, and religion.

Hegel uses his triadic theory of dialectic, which came from an accumulation of ideas from his predecessors, to construct the ideas of his philosophies. This theory contained three parts: the thesis was the first stage or affirmation, the antithesis was the contradiction or denial, and the synthesis was the final stage which overcame both the thesis and antithesis to emerge a higher, more rational idea.

The Philosophy of Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)
Spencer based his philosophy on the idea that nothing in life was permanent, and that people and knowledge evolve naturally and continuously over time. He strongly promoted the importance of individual freedom which he felt was a natural right, and at the same time tried to incorporate this with his organicistic view of life. In his works, Spencer also attempted to interconnect philosophy with other ideas like biology, psychology, and sociology.

The words “survival of the fittest” should be credited to Spencer, who was an important

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