Hegel 's Views On Religion

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Religion for Hegel was something that was discussed throughout some of his different writings, and was something that he had strong views on. It can be argued that his view on religion in the state for the citizens creates the most liberal society when comparing with that of Locke or Hobbes for those who desire to practice their faith. He gives the choice to be involved in religion, or not, and shows how religion can benefit the functioning of civil society.
Hegel’s views on religion in the state cannot be sufficiently aligned with that of Hobbes or Locke, and Hegel’s views are very much his own. In a sense, he combines elements of both of these two writers, and takes aspects that make it difficult to draw a final conclusion that his ideas are more like one than the other. Hegel’s views on religion in relation to politics greatly differ from that of Hobbes and Locke, but he believes that religion can play a vital role in creating ethical political communities. Practicing your faith can provide information on morals to live by, ad create a stronger society.
Hegel believed that Christianity is able to become a public religion that all citizens can become a part of. He thinks this religion is important because it aligns itself closely with his views on the way of living an ethical life, and he believed that you can only become ethical by having this religious support and faith in something. Christianity can be argued to be a religion of Sittlichkeit. This religion ultimately

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