The Phychosocial And Psychosocial Problems Of Single Children

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Children are supremely important asset and the nation’s future lives in their proper development. An investment in children is indeed an investment in nation’s future. A healthy and educated child of today is the active and intelligent citizen of tomorrow. A single child is a person with no siblings either biological or adopted. The single child faces more psychological and psycho social problems as compared to those have siblings. Generally says only child as spoilt and selfish kids. Due to less social interaction these children face problems in expressing themselves and have an introvert nature. This leads to an uncomfortable situation for the child emotional. The study aims to understand the psychosocial problems faced by single child. This study highlighted the psychological problems, social problems, educational problems, relationship with society, and life adjustment problems of single child. The descriptive design was used and the sampling method was convenience sampling. The frequency table and diagrams was used for analysis. The suggestions were given to the parents in order to make the single child free from psycho social problems and to improve the self esteem and self confidence. Key words: single child, problem INTRODUCTION According to Adlerian theory, only children take on the characteristics of both the firstborn and the youngest. Showered with attention by their parents, only children of ten expect to be universally admired. Yet they learn to rely on
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