The Place God Should Tread Lightly

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Luis Acosta
Honors English 10
Period 1
April 7, 2017
The Place God Should Tread Lightly Education is a right to all of mankind as the possessing the knowledge of the world, its history, its nature, the various cultures present throughout its areas, and the way man is able to manipulate it for his or hers own benefit is crucial in today 's modern society. Yet no matter how many cultural aspects are forgotten or grown out of as the human race advances further, a continuation of human culture remains to be religion and its various scales of its presence in different regions. In the United states, religion is not favored nor looked down upon, but rather, using Enlightenment ideas such as liberty, the country is meant to be religiously …show more content…

There began a massive claim that the people wishing for free religious practice in school have begun to be attacked on the basis of freedom of religion which they view hypocritical as it counteracts freedom of religion and rather is making the people fight for an absolutely secularized school. Individuals claim that the establishment clause stated within the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights does not prohibit a sort of religious discrimination within public schools; but rather a tool for people to abuse as a means secularizing the country, no matter how constitutionally abiding the practices may seem . Another point that is expressed is the lack of exposure religious children are able to receive outside of home or church which is feared will lead to the children ignoring their religious values (Bender 124). It is this lack of exposure where several individuals derive their concerns and overall aspirations to place religious influence on public education. It is theorized that as time passes the the importance of religion continues to fade, less people are introduced to what is believed to be the ‘good morals’ religion could provide which could have lead to the increase of social issues in young adolescence, such as crime, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. the overall argument is that there is no goal of radicalizing children to one specific religion, rather opening the option to those who do wish to express their religious devotion without having an ill

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