The Plan For The Unity Relocation Project

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Any project that is undertaken maintains a certain level of risk. Thus, it is imperative for the risk management to be utilized to mitigate risk that would hinder the project. The Unity Relocation Project holds several aspects of risk that, if not properly managed, would have devastating effects to the company. First, there are three areas of risk that in which controls have been implemented to prevent the project from getting off track. Those areas are the purchase of the new location that Unity International is moving to, the move itself, and the sales of the old location. Second, there is one area within the project that has failed to meet the requirements set forth by the scope which needs to be brought back online. This is the…show more content…
Furthermore, it would display the planned value for the new location at $300,000. Once the purchase has been made then the project manager would enter the amount into an earned value calculators chart to show the team the actual cost that occurred which would determine how much funds remain. Likewise, the time to completion can be calculated in the same way by subtracting how much time the project has left by how much time the purchase took. This would show the team whether they are on schedule or behind. Thus, by utilizing earned value management the team will understand whether the project is at cost and on time or not. The second element of the Unity Relocation project that maintains risk is the element of moving the organization from its old location to its new site. This aspect of the project could very easily encounter problems that would cause it to not occur within the timeframe established by the scope. If the relocation is completed in a timely manner then it will allow the new location to be operational sooner which would return Unity International into a place where they can start generating profits again. If the relocation is not completed in a timely manner then the organization will not be able to successfully operate their business causing a loss in profits. The relocation is set to occur over one month and move three departments of the company over this period. Hence, the project manager for this
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