The Planets And The Celestial Bodies Of Astrology

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The Planets (Grammar Check)
Ascertaining the defining characteristics associated with the celestial bodies of astrology will establish the novice in the fundamentals of astrology, and enhance the comprehension of adept astrologers. After all, as planets orbit established positions, the axis of astrology encompasses the idiosyncrasies of the planets. Additionally, a familiarization of Greek and Roman deities benefits the comprehension of the various planetary personalities.

The Inner Planets
The moon and the five planets closest to the Sun are relatively quick, moving through an astrological sign in less than a year. Thus, the combination of their positions and their effects vary significantly among individuals.

The Sun
The elegant brilliance of the Sun generates life, establishes purpose, and provides direction. Notably, this majestic orb impressively blazes as the kingpin of the solar system bestowing ego, pride, passion, arrogance, and strength. Along with these attributes, the Sun controls a person’s desire for growth and expansion. Ultimately, the Sun determines the scaffolding of an individual’s personality and destiny.

The Moon
The synchronicity of the moon is phenomenal: instinctively maintaining its composure while continually rotating during orbit. Habitually, the moon reveals its passively tranquil countenance to the Earth while simultaneously concealing a secretive side. Comparatively, the nature of this motion illustrates the way the moon affects an
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