The Plantation As A Civilizing Factor By Ulrich Bonnell Phillips

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Race is a manmade social construction, first used to justify slavery in the early Colonial period. The articles discussed in this paper examines different elements of race and of slavery. The articles present two completely different opinions on the treatment and ideals associated with race and slavery before the civil war. While the articles are on completely different sides of spectrum associated with slavery, they are both discussing race.
The article “The Plantation as a civilizing factor” by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips, was written in 1904 . This article was written over a hundred years ago and is somewhat dated as the author did not have access to all of the information available now. The author has an obvious bias. He does not believe the African Americans are civilized enough to not need the guidance of white people. He refers to this guidance as “inter-racial association” as seen in this comment “Without the continuance of the inter-racial association there is strong reason to believe that the negroes would gradually lose much of the praiseworthy element in their present attainments. In fact, several keen-sighted students have already detected a tendency of the negroes, where segregated in masses in the black belt, to lapse back toward barbarism.”
There is not much in the way of information about the article’s author. We can tell that he most likely worked at “The University of Wisconsin” in some fashion or another. He is obviously well educated which is

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