The Plaza Was Owned By The Aggressive And Ambitious Sohel Rana

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The Plaza was owned by the aggressive and ambitious Sohel Rana, who exploited his political connections to acquire illegal permits and bribe government officials to get approval construction.He had extra floors built without obtaining the proper permits or approval from the local government authorities. Sohel Rana (like building owners in general) was able to take advantage of the loopholes in the system through his ties to political allies and his wealth. Not only did he ensure that inspections were rarely performed, but was also able to bribe officials to build on a rejected, unsuitable plot of land, to add additional floors to the building, and to persuade workers to enter the building despite the cracks and warnings from engineers. Also, he allegedly remarked to the media on the same day that the cracks were a trivial matter. Rana Plaza was built after taking permission from the Savar Mayor (who, like Rana was also an Awami League member) - a person with no legal authority to issue this permit. According to Emdadul Islam, chief engineer of the state-run Capital Development Authority, the owner of the building had permission for only a five-storey building from the local municipality. The illegal extension by a further three stories was overlooked by the authorities due to Rana’s political connections (affiliation with ruling Awami League party). Rana brought paid gang members to beat the workers (both male and female), hitting them with sticks to force them to enter the

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