Brickell City Center Case Study

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The original proposal for the site was four skyscrapers and it was approved by the City of Miami, however in 2008 with the recession the project was cancelled.
In 2011 the project was revived by Swire Properties and Brickell City Center was designed by Arquitectonica and approved by the City of Miami under a SAP- Special Area Plan zoning permit. The importance of this special zoning was that it allows developer to work hand to hand with the city and allowed an integration of public infrastructure and improvements for the area. Thanks to the SAP the Metromover Station was allowed into the BCC.
Other amendments to the SAP were approved by the Zoning Ordinance of City of Miami, after the developer purchased adjacent properties that were
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On the other hand, The City of Miami Historic Preservation Office provides services to maintain and preserve these historic properties.

Stakeholders involved

During the recession in Miami some projects went into foreclosure and the Swire Properties purchased 5.65 acres in Brickell. The company was able to invest without public subsidies and bank loans, regardless of the risky investment, but they acquired the land at a 64% discount.
“We were in the worst recession the country had seen, but we believed in Miami” said Steve Owens, president of Swire Properties.
Over a period of two years the developer was able to acquire sufficient real state to cross the threshold needed to qualify for SAP- Special Area Planning Zoning. It allowed them more flexibility on the open space requirements and density limits. Also, the special zoning allowed an arrangement with the local government to integrate the Eighth Street Metromover Station into the complex.
Swire group was founded in 1816 in the UK and it is based in London and Hong Kong. Swire Properties Inc is a U.S. Real estate subsidiary with headquarters in Miami since 1979. Swire Properties has built world class mixed-use projects for more than 40 years. They are well known for transforming neighborhoods into vibrant places to work, live and play.


The boom and redevelopment of areas like Brickell were possible thanks to the Miami government approach. The city has been very flexible with the
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