The Plex : How Google, Thinks, Works, And Shape Our Lives By Steven Levy

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In the Plex: How Google, Thinks, works, and Shape Our Lives by Steven Levy
The book is written by Steven Levy a journalist that had a long standing relationship with the company and wanted to write a book about the company. He was granted access into the company where he interviewed the top executives to learn about the company from their perspective. The book is about the journey and progress of Google from a small Stanford dorm room to a search giant. The book discusses how Larry and Page met, their background, the struggles they had and the people involved in building the key products/services that makes Google number one. The book provides details about the company’s major services and how they were invented like Google News, Google toolbar, Gmail and Chrome. The book also address the culture of Google how they ran the business, the work environment, their unofficial slogan, their hiring philosophy and how they treat their employees. The book acknowledges how google thinks, how they work and shape the lives of people who use their products. The book also shows how Google grew and expanded into other industries by acquiring other companies such as YouTube and others.

How Google Started
Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford in 1995. Page was the tour guide for Brin the summer before he entered Stanford graduate program. At first he thought Page was a bit obnoxious, but they grew to be good friends. Google which was previously called Backrub came

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