The Plight Of The Afghan Women Analysis

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Abdullah Quazi,

I am very impressed with the information presented in your article “The Plight of the Afghan Women”. I was not aware that Afghan women were treated so badly as you mention in the text. Besides, I had no idea they had so many restrictions and that men consider them inferior just because of their gender. After reading your publication and doing some research I couldn’t believe this type of things were happening.

I can’t conceive the idea that Afghan women did not have the right to work, leave their estate alone or without a male accompaniment, receive medical attention from a male doctor, and be forced to cover themselves from head to toe with a burqa, showing as less skin as possible. In my opinion …show more content…

In this case the government should have more control over this and force the unscrupulous men to amend women for what they have done to them.

I totally agree with the fact that Afghan women have now the right to vote, the right of education, the right to work, the right to choose their own partners in marriage and that the government no longer forces them to wear the all covering burqa. Despite many would agree that the political and cultural position of Afghan women has improved substantially, I consider that there is still much more to do before men and women have exactly the same rights.

Something that baffles me is why the percentages of illiterate women is still very high. Although they have access to education, 87 % of Afghan women are still illiterate. The same things happen with forced marriage. Around 70%- 80% percent of women face forced marriages in Afghanistan This is something totally

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