The Plight Of The Immigrant Farmer Worker Essay

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Bernard Lange Professor Byrne Composition I, English 1510 November 20, 2016 The Plight of the Immigrant Farm Worker Have you ever wondered how really bad it is to be an immigrant farm worker? The article “In the Strawberry Fields” by Eric Scholsser, he looks at the hardships that face immigrant farmers. Though there are laws to try and help the immigrants Schlosser observed “The temptation to break the law can be great. The punishments for doing so are rarely applied” (86). From sharecropping and low wages to deplorable living conditions the farmers take advantage of immigrant workers at nearly every turn. Enforcing the laws will help improve immigrant farmers working and living conditions. Sharecropping is one way the famers take advantage of the immigrants, “sharecropping is the most insidious means by which growers avoid responsibility for their workers” (Schlosser 86). The farmer would lease a portion of their land to the sharecropper. By doing so the immigrant sharecropper would then be responsible for just about every aspect of the farm operation. In effect he would become a pseudo farmer, but in the end would really hold no power or land. Sharecroppers lease the land from the farmer. The farmers will lend the money to run the farm to the sharecropper at a very high interest rate. Schlosser notes, “under the old arraignment, if things went wrong, sharecroppers simply would not be paid for their work; under the new one, they are being saddled with thousands

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