Essay On Migrant Crisis

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Wednesday September 13, a cold and ominous fog was present in Strasbourg, a mood antithetical to the mood in the European Parliament. A mood that had been missing for many years, a sense of optimism and hope. As President of the European Commission this new sense of optimism for the European project gave this year’s State of the European Union address a weight that had not been seen in too long. It is no secret that in 2016 Europe was battered and bruised to its very foundation. The forces trying to destroy the EU seemed unstoppable but it is said that times of extreme crisis bring about the greatest change because people are most persuaded to act swiftly and decisively. For the EU in 2016 there was no shortage of crises, whether it be …show more content…

As soon as the citizenry was better off economically in addition to being better informed, Anti-EU sentiment began to drop in the polls. The first test of EU sentiment was in the Dutch elections. Most polling showed Geert Wilders and his party were going to be the largest party in the Dutch parliament. However, just a few days from the election he suddenly dropped in the polls, and as the votes started to come in an unexpected image was emerging. Not only did Geert Wilders do poorly but Pro-EU parties, such as Groen Links, did amazingly well. This result showed that the fight against Anti-EU nationals was a fight that could be won. The final and most pertinent test for the EU before my SOTEU address was the French elections. A Marie Le Pen victory could destroy the Franco-German relationship at the center of the European Union. Instead, the French people choose to rally behind the most Pro-EU candidate in the history of European politics, Emmanuel Macron. With Macron’s crushing victory over Marie Le Pen the strategic advantage in the war was now firmly on the side of the pro europeans.
With the wind now back in Europe’s sails, I was able to walk into, the palpably excited, European Parliament with confidence. The new path for Europe could now be laid out, a seismic shift in European policy, a path of further integration, a path that all EU citizens will benefit from. Every breath I spoke had the weight of positivity behind it. No longer

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