The Police Force Is Justified

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“A police force is a constituted body of persons empowered by the state to enforce the law, protect property, and limit civil disorder”. Or in layman’s terms, a body formed to serve and protect civilians. With the Ferguson incident of an African American boy getting shot by a white American police officer, it came to the limelight that how America’s police force has gone to the extent of acquiring military grade equipment, armor, gear .With sheer ignorance, unreasonable argument and lack of reliable citation sources, Fox News conveys how the militarization of the police force is justified. Ironically this militarization is supposedly necessary and justified, but in reality it only amplifies violence, distrust of police, and use of excessive force.
Soon after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Fox News channel during a segment of its ‘Fox and Friends’ had a panel discussion focusing on the ‘Militarization of Police’. The invited panel was made up of all white men namely- Jon Dietl (Fox News contributor), Bernie Kerik (former NYC Police Commissioner) and retired Nutley Police Commander Steven Rogers (Retd. Nutley Police Commander).
The panelists spoke for the motion, defending the action taken by the police. In this segment the host and panelists were having a casual conversation on the given topic. Instead of bringing about a diverse panel with different points of view, Fox News had its panel only consisting of white Caucasian men with the same ideologies and thought

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