The Ponie Being Like A Woman Summary

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Up until line 16 the reader is unaware the ponie the man is referring to is a girl. When Wright uses the word “she” (line 16) in reference to the ponie we then see that the author wants the reader to know it’s gender. Wright is letting the reader know that the man longs for the companie of a woman.
Near the end of the poem a lite wind then brings the man “to caress her long ear / that is delicate as the skin over a girl's wrist” (line 20-21). With the use of this simile the reader is then able to compare the ponie as being like a woman. Here the man imagines what it is like to have a woman he can truly touch and feel. Wright is quick to state that the ponie is “black and white” (line 18) to reiterate the unknown. This juxtaposition reminds

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