The Portrait Of Stephen Dedalus

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The Portrait of Stephen Dedalus
As life goes on, certain situations can form the way people become as adults, but our own persona has the final outcome. “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” communicates with readers the life of a young man named Stephen Dedalus. The young boy grew up in Ireland in the late nineteenth century. Stephen slowly climbs up to many decision-making about his own life. His Catholic faith and Irish nationality heavily influenced to guide the young boy’s life. When Stephen was a little boy, he attended a heavy religious strict boarding school. Stephen then starts attending other schools, where he grows and shines to being and incredible writer while also a student in the school theater. When Stephen encounters his first sexual experience with a young Dublin prostitute he after begins to feel shameful and have guilt in himself, so he then tries to reconcile with his faith in the Catholic Church. Stephen becomes interactive and the role model of the Catholic religion. When the director of the school recommends him to consider going into the priesthood, he examines the offer. He realizes that the desire of beauty should not be oppressed nor ignored. He was then determined to free himself from all limits and decides to leave Ireland to escape and achieve a life as an artist.
When the novel opens, the reader is in the mind of Stephen Dedalus, in this time he is just a little boy. He goes through childhood using his senses, feeling, touching, hearing

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