The Portrayal Of People With Down Syndrome

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For the purpose of this assignment, this section of the paper will critically reflect and analyze the portrayal of people with Down Syndrome in mass media. I chose to specifically evaluate CBC New’s portrayal because it is one of our greatest sources of news in British Columbia. This section will look into several of CBC’s most recent news stories that are about people with down syndrome and the adversity they face. We will see that there is a common trend towards advocating for these people as well as trying to rid Down Syndrome from being seen as a disability.
The first news story is titled Boy with Down Syndrome lands modelling contract after talent agency rejects him (Rodrigues, 2016b). The premise of this article is that a mother
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The next two stories follow a man in Alberta and his job search. The first story is called Lethbridge man living with disability: “I want to work with customers” (Komadina, 2016a) while the next story was a follow-up response titled Alberta man with Down Syndrome scores 2 jobs after handing out 32 resumes (Komadina, 2016b). The former article paints a picture Dutch looking for his summer job. His mother advocates on his behalf by supporting his eagerness to learn new skills. However, she also mentions that she had hoped that the process of Dutch becoming more independent and moving out would have been faster. The article does a good job at addressing and acknowledging that employers are hesitant about hiring people who are differently-abled because they are afraid of how it might affect their company or store. There is also a great emphasis placed on educating the general public to make sure that they are aware of the benefits that people with disabilities bring to their job. The latter article was written as a response to the original. Of the 32 resumes that Dutch handed out, he only received two job offers. This response focuses on Dutch’s own sense-of-belonging and his mother’s belief in him. He is happy and proud about his two new positions. A more devastating story is Woman charged after nanny cam captures her sitting on, dragging special needs child (Rodrigues, 2016a). This news article summarizes a series of abusive events between a young boy with
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