The Portrayal Of Women Since 1960 's Comics

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The Portrayal of Women in 1960’s Comics We can learn a lot about history through art. Take for example prehistoric cave painting, the painting of pictures on caves gave historians insight into the mindset of a culture that lived a long time ago. Since the invention of the printing press and television, we can learn a great deal about modern culture through newspapers, television programs, novels, and print advertisements. In this essay, we’ll explore what we can learn about 1960s American culture through a popular comic book. We will examine how gender roles were portrayed during this period and how a popular comic book portrayed the difference between male and female gender roles. The 1960s are known as a decade of change for feminism. The decade was known for a deep and widespread cultural change of a woman’s role in American society. Unfortunately, we had and still have a long way to go. The 1962 edition of the comic book “Cain’s Hundred: First Edition” reflects the general mindset of many, and also shows how much further the women’s movement needs to go. Cain’s Hundred’s portrays women in the work-force, but with a glaring disparity from the career of a man. In Cain’s Hundred, the only working woman portrayed in the comic strip is that of a waitress. Sigmund Freud mentions that symbols imply more than their obvious meanings (Barnes 68). Take for example the image to the left; the symbolic image of a woman in the workforce may imply more than
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