The Positive And Negative Developments Are Important Roles Of Learning

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Every task assigned to personnel employed within any organization experiences developmental changes.Both positive and negative developments are important roles of the learning process, roles that create psychological behaviors curated by human therapy.The word Therapy, by definition means to cure and as we will examine, and even negative feedback has its healing properties just as the positive effects originating from favorable evaluations.The
Importance we focus on in this forum of enlightenment is how to benefit from critical evaluations of previous work performances, which encompasses personal demeanor as well as job performance.First, let’s take a look at how the concept of therapy, as it has been introduced, is applicable to the impartiality of enhancing job performance.
Improving upon the working relationship between management and employees, employee peer interactions, and employee customer relationships create a harmonious balance to how effective the organization operates.Using developmental strategies from the Stanford
Chinese Institute of Engineers form patterns beneficial therapy can be facilitated by:
 Developing a positive Attitude
 Not jumping to conclusions
 Improving your communications skills
 Resolving conflicts early
 Setting boundaries
 Treating others with respect

 Understanding and accepting personal or cultural differences (Mind over Matter-
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