The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Crusades On Europe

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Within the city of Jerusalem, flowed a deep passion of faith and devoted disciples, from the Christians to the Muslims and to the Jews of the land. Each of the three religions residing and existing in conformity for centuries. Nevertheless in 1095, the Christians elected to regain control of Jerusalem and to acquire the holy lands from the Muslim rulers. Through this act the Crusade had begun. Some of the effects from this era to transpire were the improved economy and trade, heightened capital of the Catholic Church, the waning of feudalism, and the informative growth. The ensuing outcomes from the Crusade would fabricate both negative and positive opportunities throughout Europe. One of the greatest and perhaps the most beneficial effect from the Crusade was the enlarged trade and economy it shaped. Through the years of the Crusade, the indulgence of possessions and merchandise captivated a countless number of the Crusaders while they had been in the Middle East. The European traders, along with the European merchants elected to visit the Middle East and trade items such as tobacco, coffee, tea, sugar, spices, cotton, silk, and other goods. After a while of trading, the European economy became robust. A demand was placed on creating businesses for ports throughout the cities of Europe and would eventually lead to the people in Europe becoming more prosperous and cultivating their livelihoods. With this new growth came new institutions, that led to the first banks, that
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