The Positive And Negative Effects On Modern Society

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Can a time be remembered where we, as individuals, didn 't side or lean with a particular group? Was there a day, a moment, a time where the thought of the individual was so diverse and obtuse that they were considered their own demographic? Once upon a time, the consideration that all thought was parallel would have been more laughable than the aspect of all ideas being unique. However as society has grown, technology has evolved and times have changed, the scope of individuality has slowly manifested a new social machine. The Group Socialization Process, is in design, a method for individuals to blend into a pre-established body and learn the standards of that body in order to blend in and function accordingly. But viewing the same process today, it is clear to see that there have been some major changes, giving birth to both positive and negative effects on modern society. A group, by definition is, " a number of people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together." Giving the property of 'group ' to a single individual used to be meaningless. However now as our lives have developed and our technology evolved to newer and higher peaks, people can socialize and be socialized from nearly any location on the planet. This ability leads to dramatic changes in the way a person may and/or will develop as they age and develop a sense of self. But how does changing the act of socialization change the way society progresses? A theory may be
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