The Positive Experience Of Reading

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The clearest memory I have of reading was when I read short books with pictures. When I got home from school my mom would always sit by me and help me read a book. I remember this because the way she would read the stories with me made it fun and entertaining. The way she read made me feel like I was in the book, I always imagined myself being the protagonist and beating the bad guys. One book that I particularly liked was the Clifford books because they were entertaining and taught me life lessons. Clifford taught me to be polite, respect my parents, and how to be friendly. I think that reading was a positive for me because it helped me be more confident when I read in school. Dr. Seuss is a very important author because he has written multiple children’s books. In this quote “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book” (Seuss) I can relate to because I always imagine myself being in the book. Overall reading has improved my English because I was originally from the Philippines. However, when I was in the classroom, I was shy and scared to read out in front of everybody because my reading was not at the best pace. To many people reading is positive, and to some reading is negative. Many people think that reading is a positive because reading can relieve stress, give you more knowledge, and improve your memory. Other’s think that reading is negative because reading can waste time and could make you lose sleep. Also, people do not like

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