The Positive Impact Of Globalization In The United States

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After World War Two, many Americans, not just the ones in leadership positions, came to realize that partnerships with other cultures, countries, and peoples were very important in coping with daily life. To some, it would seem reasonable to infer that globalization has done more harm than good, while others might say that it has done more good. Regardless, it has brought many countries, including the United States, together; forming strong bonds, and even more importantly, it has helped to create peace in a world at war (chap. 32, Brinkley). To start, I would like to talk about the many positive ways that globalization has impacted America (“How Has Globalization Impacted the U.S. and Its Citizens?” Globalization, 4 Dec. 2012, One of the great things that it has done for the world is that it has opened up many windows for different world powers to exchange new ideas. Whether it be new technologies, advancements in a number of different fields, or just coming together to help with big issues, it is not hard to see how important globalization has already been in the exchanging of ideas, and opinions. Another of the very important positives is that the racial tolerance of other countries and cultures has increased drastically. You can look around in almost any city—whether it be large or small—and see churches sending their youth groups to other countries to help aide them, and to teach the
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