The Possibility Of Evil And The Lottery

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Looks can be deceiving as shown In Shirley Jackson’s fiction short stories, “The Possibility of Evil” ,and “The Lottery”. In these stories there are both similarities and differences. In both short stories there is an unexpected ending. Although both endings are very different in many ways. Literary devices that are used in both stories also show great similarities, and differences. Irony is a literary device that is used in both stories. A quote in “The Lottery” reads, “Thought we were going to have to get on without you Tessie”. This quote shows that Tessie a loud, cheerful lady in town is late to the drawing for the lottery. Which is ironic because Tessie, who is late, actually wins the lottery and as her prize she is sadly stoned to death by the people of the town. In the “Possibility of Evil” it states “When she came into the grocery, half a dozen people turned away from the shelves and the counters to wave at her or call out good morning”. This specific quote is describing Miss Strangeworth, and how everyone in town knows her, and loves her presence. The quote shows irony because while everyone in town thinks she is nice and friendly, she is actually causing drama by writing letters about people in town. Based off only of suspicions. These two quotes showing irony are similar because in “The Lottery”, Tessie is clueless of what is to happen just like the town is clueless in “The Possibility of Evil”. Tessie isn't expecting herself to win the lottery/die just like
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