The Possiblity of Muslims Following Their Religion Faithfully in Britain

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The Possiblity of Muslims Following Their Religion Faithfully in Britain

I believe that it is possible for Muslims to follow their religion faithfully in Britain but it would be difficult.

Firstly I do believe that problems will occur with Muslims living in Britain however since there are more Muslims living here over time I cannot see how living in Britain should be a barrier to their faith.

Since the Race Relations Act was passed in 1976 any discrimination of race in employment is considered an offence. For Muslims working in Britain it may be difficult to keep to prayer times as they may be unable to leave work to pray. Although prayer times can be caught up (Niyyah), as it is not always …show more content…

They also believe that girls and boys should be educated separately as soon as they begin to develop sexually but schools are very unlikely to do this as this would mean more teachers would be needed to teach therefore increasing the number of rooms needed and text books all costing more.

Another problem of a Muslim in a non-Muslim community is lessons at school. Secondary boys should go to the Mosque on a Friday afternoon, which may result in them missing lessons before or after lunch. The main subject that is often hard to teach is religious education. Muslims do no approve of R.E teachers who have no faith themselves, regard Muslims as non-believers or try to convert them to Christianity. They also disagree with teachers who believe that all religions are equal. Many of these topics could cause a lot of controversy in the classroom therefore Muslims attending less of R.E lessons or only parts in which they approve of. In religious Education the bible is brought up numerous times and bible material. Many of the accounts in the bible are interpreted differently for a Muslim e.g. the sacrifice of Ishma’il rather than Isaac. Also when Islam religion arises, it may be taught inaccurately or with prejudice in which the teacher has a different opinion that the Muslim because of their own religion or insufficient knowledge of theirs. Muslims are expected to take part in school

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