The Potential Problem Of Social Workers

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The potential problem of social workers and lawyers/magistrates or judges working together is that social worker might not be mindful of legal expectations and requirements (Kennedy & Richards, 2007). The roles and functions of lawyer and social worker are very dissimilar as well as their histories, cultures and rituals (Kennedy & Richards, 2007). Lawyer’s purposes are limited and tangible so they find it difficult to understand that social worker’s purposes are not (Rice & Day, 2014). Social workers find law as a part of their solution but not the complete resolution of the problem (Dickens, 2008). Their main goal is to pursuit equitable access to social, economic, environmental and political resources (Kennedy & Richards, 2007). Law…show more content…
They need to make sure they acknowledge the points at which legal interventions and remedies can prove effective and to seek to use them for the betterment of the community as a whole, and their clients in particular (Kennedy, Richards & Leiman, 2013). The practice of neither law nor social work is value neutral and practitioners in both professions need to consider the consequences of their interventions and their failure of the intervene (Rand, 2006). Social workers and lawyers must maintain an analytical and informed perspective about the human service and legal systems (Rice & Day, 2014). Differences must be understood and accepted before personal reconciliation and integrated practice are possible. Partnership between law and social work could be hard but their knowledge and skills need to be shared for maintaining an efficient and sustainable relationship. In relation to disadvantage and protection of vulnerable people, the main goal of both lawyer and social worker can be same by seeking the same outcomes or changes (Kennedy & Richards, 2007). Hence, they can form powerful relationship to further common goals by ensuring human rights are supported and maximised justice and fairness.

There are several main witness roles that social worker can participate. This requires preparation, practice and attitudinal flexibility (Rice and Day,
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