The Responsibility Of Advocate For Social Workers And Counselors Essay

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The Responsibility to Advocate for Social Workers and Counselors
An advocate strives to merit individuals of the utmost vulnerable kind with the power of speech and expression, on matters that hold delicate significance to the client. Activism for the susceptible comprises of the fortification and conservancy of their human rights. Social workers and counselors play a vital role in advocacy in the local, state and federal government and should deed as a voice not solely for their patrons but for society as a whole. Counselors and social workers are an instrument that individuals do and ought to use in attempt to advocate for their rights, a client can participate in activism by sharing their personal experiences. Social workers and counselors provide assistance to clients by aiding them in gaining rights, they do so by creating, advocating and passing bills. A social worker and counselors ultimate goal is to provide equal rights and justice for their clients (SAGE Publications).
The research I have conducted is a collaboration of analyzations of peer-reviewed articles, interviewing professionals, and knowledge obtained from Saint Leo provided textbook curriculum. The goal of this paper is to educate readers on the differentiating aspects of social services such as counseling and social work, and amplify on their individual and collaborative roles as advocates.
Social Work and Advocacy
Advocacy is a grand aspect of the social work field, as a social worker it is imperative

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