The Power of Personal Relationships in The Women of Brewster Place and The Road

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The brightest moments in a person’s day are usually times when they have made a personal connection. Whether it is a smile from a complete stranger or a kiss from a loved one, these personal connections build relationships that shape the lives of every individual. Relationships vary in type, depth, and complexity, but any which way, they play a prominent role in the lives of The Women of Brewster Place, and the characters in The Road. Friendly, biological, and intimate relationships are extremely critical components of these two stories and help shape the path of each character’s journey. The relationship between Mattie and Eva although brief was very influential. Mattie was in a remarkably rough situation after just leaving her home and …show more content…

However, it does just that in the lives of Mattie Michael and Etta Mae Johnson. All her life, Etta was searching for a partner to share her love with, although not exactly what she was looking for, she found that companionship in Mattie. Mattie is not perfect, does not have the reddest lips, the rosiest cheeks, and is obviously not a man for Etta to love; but Mattie is just the right partner for Etta. Their friendship served as an anchor of stability for Etta and, a flame of excitement for Mattie. The two women truly cherished their relationship with one another, which is why it was able to defy the test of time. Mattie and Etta’s camaraderie is a reminder that time is all we have, which is only further demonstrated through the connection between the man and the boy. The bond between father and son is a beautiful love story at the forefront of this gory post apocalyptic novel. The love that the man and the son have for each other is at a level of self-sacrifice and compassion that can compare to not even the sappiest romantic comedy. The man and the son are alone in the world with nothing to hang on to but each other. Their relationship is so precious and delicate that even when the boy forgets to close gas valve, the man blames himself in fear of breaking his son’s heart. This type of relationship shows that a strong personal connection can preserve hope in even the direst of circumstances. At the absolute most desperate of times, personal relationships have been

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