The Prevalence Of Obesity And Obesity

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In the 2010 census, 42.0 million people, approximately 14 percent of the U.S. population, identified themselves as black or African American. African American (AA) experience higher prevalence of many diseases, disability, death, and injury (cdc 1). It is observed that AA females are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes and heart diseases more than their White counterparts. Among AA females aged 2–19 years old, 24% are considered obese compared to 14% whites. A similar pattern was reported among women older than 20 years of age showing that 51% of AA women are obese compared to 33% of their counterpart White women. (1) The prevalence of obesity was inversely associated with the family income among Whites of all age groups. This was not the case in AA females, a higher prevalence of obesity was observed within most family income categories. (1) African American women also experience the highest rate of type 2 diabetes, especially those who are overweight or obese. Among AA females 65-74 years of age, it is reported that one in four women has diabetes. Since Diabetes is closely associated with obesity, primary prevention measures should include changes in the adverse behavioral lifestyle such as physical inactivity and poor diet ( Huff text book p 250-251). It is also noted that African American women with diabetes experience greater odds of disability than those without diabetes ( Thorpe 4). In addition, the rates of diseases that may lead to disabilities are more
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