The Prevalence Of Physical And Sexual Violence Essay

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LGBTQ populations, and those perceived as falling under such umbrellas, exist under the constant reality of surveleivence. This tools for this level of surveleivence is ingrained into the larger cultural consciousness via the hegemonic ideas that place women, sexual minorities, people of color, and those disadvantaged socioeconomically in positions of subjugation, while furthering the material conditions in which such people face a state sponsored violence that spreads socially, culturally, and transnationally. In the context of the United States, the lived experience of such maligned communities is in part defined through the reception of violence, interpersonally and impersonally, from the youngest of ages. This is a substantiated fear that continues through one’s lifetime, as punishment for deviant sexual or gendered relations, or the mere assumption of such endeavors, is a life sentence without parole. The prevalence of physical and sexual violence, which inextricably carries mental effects, is only worsened by existing under the unshakable identity of other factors, i.e. racial and economic identifiers, along with national identity and narratives of immigration or the necessity for travel due to displacement. Using data from the National Anti Violence Projects’ yearly reports on IPV, Intimate Partner Violence, and generalized Violence from the years 2010 and 2015, I plan on documenting a substantial period of time in which the lived reality of LGBT and HIV affected

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