The Primary Causes Of Electronic Waste

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Electronic Waste
How often do individuals change your electronic equipment? Does anyone know where used electronic merchandise go to? Electronic waste is called an E-waste that has been becoming a serious issue all over the world. People should be concerned in this century because E-waste contains hazardous, toxic ingredients which have adverse effects on society “Toxic chemicals in electronics products can leach into the land over time or are released into the atmosphere, impacting nearby communities and the environment” (“Where”). Young people are not aware of the caveat that used electronic products to bring. E-waste causes not only the environmental problems such as air and water pollution but also health problems. An amount of E-waste has been increasing rapidly. Moreover, it has even been turning the land into substantial electronic landfill mountains. Three primary reasons for electronic waste: waste is the accelerated development of science and technology, increasing world population and over-consumption.
The first primary cause of the E-waste is the accelerated development of science and technology. “Acceleration can be measured in the returns of the technology such as speed, efficiency, price-performance, and overall power-which improve exponentially too” (“Technology”). The last 20 years have notably changed in many aspects because of the technological innovation, and modern society is filled with various electronic products such as computers, televisions, cell

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